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To dream of a shirt represents your present feelings. The shirt you wear reflects how you perceive and comprehend a certain situation.

To dream that you are giving a shirt to someone symbolizes your willingness to put the needs of others before yours. You are charitable and selfless.

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To dream that you are wearing a garter indicates temptation and arousal. You wish to become more sexually daring.

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To dream of linens suggests a need for you to take things slow and imbibe the beauty and value of what you have. You should also appreciate people who truly matter to you.

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To dream of denim shows a secret desire to throw off your shackles and go 'anti-establishment' for a while. It may be time in your life to question the programming, value systems and beliefs that until now you have always felt sure of. Find out what you truly believe, as a dream of denim shows great support from your unconscious.

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