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To dream that you have been robbed denotes suffering physical or emotional loss. Furthermore, you may be going through identity crisis. It may also mean someone else has taken credit for what is deservedly yours.

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To dream that you are a hostage indicates being trapped in situations or relationships that make you feel completely helpless. It often results from being torn between your expression of love and fear of being taken for granted.

Break-In  No comments yet

Dreaming of a break-in represents something startling and intrusive entering your life. This could be a new, unwelcome person assuming a prominent role in your life, or it could be learning the truth about something that changes the way you live the daily life. No matter what the situation is, the dream about break-in often indicates someone or something intruding into your belongings and surroundings - your own territory. Furthermore, dreaming of a break-in could also symbolize something important to you being taken away and feeling violated. For instance, there is a situation in which you were given joint custody of a child despite you asked for sole custody. This type of interpretation would also be relevant if you've in the past experienced some type of victimization such as physical abuse or robbery.

Alternatively, having experienced a break-in before or being well aware of burglaries that have occurred in your neighborhood could be highlighting fears of such instances that have been in the back of your mind.

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