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To dream of carnations indicates that you have a very laid-back and relaxed personality. You exude pleasure and elation. It can also imply your enjoyment of being single.

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To dream about being a carpenter suggests that you are dealing with difficulties. On the contrary, it also indicates that you should alter your way of thinking or change the way you behave.

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To dream of a cable car is alerting you to a precarious situation in your waking life. A cable car in a dream suggests a risk taken and a sense of anxiety as you await the outcome.
Dreaming of being alone in the cable car can mean that you were unconsciously secure in a recent decision.
Dreaming of a cable car full of people indicates the need for support whilst you await some important news.
A moving cable car in your dream implies that things will turn out okay and that there is little need for anxiety at all.

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Dreaming of a pile of cardboard indicates a concern for wastage and the impact you are having on the earth. Dreaming of one piece of cardboard implies a habit of berating yourself for enjoying the finer things in life. To dream of creating something with cardboard suggests a desire to do the right thing by minimizing your carbon footprint.

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To dream of the Carnelian gemstone indicates that there may be a powerful force of positive energy coming your way. To dream of holding a carnelian suggests that you may find yourself feeling revitalized in your waking life and inspired to sudden, unexpected creativity and action. There is also grounding, stabilizing, comforting and calming force associated with carnelian dreaming.

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To dream of a carburetor is a symbol that all aspects of your life are in perfect harmony. Your body, mind, and spirit are all working together to bring you peace and calmness.

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To dream that you are doing cartwheels implies that all aspects of your life are or need to be in harmony. You should be able to tackle problems with confidence and inner strength.

To dream that you have problems doing cartwheels indicates that you doubt yourself and don't have faith in the choices that you make. It can also indicate that you are unorganized and unable to set priorities. Your life isn't traveling in the exact direction that you planned.

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To dream of a car battery indicates that there may be an energy issue at this time. You may be feeling as though there is too much to do, even feeling weary at the thought of tackling small things at this time. To dream of a car not starting because the battery is dead, is a strong suggestion from your unconscious to find a way to replenish your soul, partaking in some activity that brings you back to life.