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To dream that you found a bargain suggests that your value is underappreciated. You may be withholding appropriate effort in an endeavor. The cheap item you have found is symbolic of something; evaluate this.

Blood  6 commented on this dream

To see blood in your dream is a symbol of energy, excitement and frustration. If you see the word 'blood' written in your dream, it may be a reflection of some issue regarding stubbornness or rigidity.

To dream that you are bleeding or losing blood means that you are mentally fatigued. It can also symbolize a hurtful conflict existing in a personal relationship. Perhaps you regret some action you performed. This is a popular dream for expectant women and women who are in their menstrual cycle.

To dream that something is written in blood indicates that you possess much determination and drive. You refuse to quit a task until it is completed.

To dream that you are drinking blood implies that you feel invigorated and full of energy.

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To dream about a bluebird is a symbol or contentment as well as distress. It also represents cleansing of thoughts, and solutions to your dilemmas.

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To dream about wearing blush makeup signals that you desire to be more articulate and affectionate.

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To dream that something is boiling symbolizes a drastic change or the surrender of something of value and importance. It is necessary to thoroughly examine a situation or issue. To dream that water is boiling indicates that you are struggling with inner turbulence. It may also indicate that you are now willing to confront difficult emotions that you have kept suppressed.

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To dream that you receive or give a floral bouquet represents reverence, fondness, praise, generosity, awe, and adoration. It implies a restorative power.

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To dream of seeing something burning symbolizes powerful feelings of desire or yearning, especially in regards to sex. You have been trying to sidestep a certain situation that can no longer be overlooked. It may also mean that you are becoming too stressed and you should get away from the burdens of life. A vacation may be in your near future.

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To dream of cherries indicates that your life is blessed with prosperity, happiness, and truth.
To see a cherry tree symbolizes new beginnings, destiny, childhood, and female qualities.

Drain  No comments yet

To dream about a drain represents your desire to unleash your emotions. You should express yourself more. This dream can also indicate something that you spent energy on that wasn't worth it. The dream may also be a play on words and you should think about things that could be 'draining' you.

Hickey  No comments yet

Man's endless struggle includes a battle between the heart and mind, and desires and abilities.

To dream that you have a hickey represents the struggles, widening gap, and growing pain that results from favoring one side over the other. You might feel exhausted and drained from being stuck in a relationship or life situation.