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*See Smell.

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Dreaming of a bellhop symbolizes wealth and social elite status. You may be simply wishing to be wealthier or you may have plans on going somewhere you will be treated 'like royalty'. If you consider yourself as wealthy, then a bellhop signifies your appreciation of money and 'the good life'.

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To dream of sweets symbolizes excess pleasure, eroticism, and prohibited fantasies. You may be denying yourself something that you really desire. It may also represent gifts and treats that you have received. This dream could also be referring to a significant other.

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To dream of a watermelon symbolizes your inner passion. You attack life with a furious passion. You love greatly, desire deeply, and lust for life of things around you. Pregnant or menstruating women often dream of the watermelon, or other such large fruits. Alternatively, the watermelon is a symbol for fun summer times. You are relaxed and at ease.

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To dream about alcohol in average consumption means that you are pleased with choices you've made.

To dream about drinking excessive quantities of alcohol, you may feel remorse or insufficient. You feel like a fraud and will be revealed as such. Alcohol is a means to hide from a previous poor choice or act.

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Seeing an alloy in a dream is a harbinger of entanglements in business affairs.

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To see an amethyst in your dream indicates that you are pleased with the aspects of your life pertaining to finances and your personal happiness. You don't require many material possessions to be satisfied. What you own is enough to keep you comfortable throughout your life.

To dream that you lose an amethyst is a warning that you will face failures when it comes to relationships and matrimony.

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To see apricots growing in your dream implies that although you foresee positive situations and events in your life, you will instead be faced with anguish and hardship.

To dream that you are eating apricots is an omen of future bad luck and perhaps tragedy.

To see others eating apricots in your dream implies that your life will be filled with misery and despair.

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To smell sweet aromas in your dream indicates that you will be presented with an award or reward in the near future. It also represents great happiness and bliss.

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To dream about baking suggests that you possess talents for success and inventiveness. If you are combining different elements that normally don't blend, this indicates that you should search for the relationship between two independent objects or events. Sometimes these seemingly non-complementary items could show beneficial results.