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To dream of a plastic bag symbolizes suffocation. You may be feeling suffocated by someone in your life or you maybe suffocating someone by being too involved in that person's life. If you are carrying items in a plastic bag, you are trying to keep something about yourself from being revealed. Seeing a plastic bag on the ground can mean your concern about environmental issues.

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To dream about a bag signifies emotional weight that you are carrying. If the bag is tattered, it means that your troubles are quite heavy.

A dream about a bag loaded with clutter is a symbol of stress and complication. You must find a way to reduce the weight.

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A dream in which you see or consume a bagel is a sign that you are lacking something essential. It might also involve carnal desires.

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To dream of plastic objects hints that you are lacking in honesty. You are being fake rather than genuine.

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A dream about seeing or carrying baggage symbolizes burdens that are oppressing you. The baggage might also represent your inner self.

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To dream about pleasant music being played by a bagpipe means good tidings and satisfaction.

If the music isn't pleasant, it means that bad times are on the horizon.

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*Please See Knapsack.

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A dream about bean bags refers to fun activity and quirkiness. A bean bag is used for recreational games like cornhole therefore it says about your eccentric part of life which is also entertaining and likeable by others.

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Dreaming of a body bag means you are likely feeling helpless or disconnected from your life. You may feel as though you are observing your life from above.
Alternatively, a body bag in your dream symbolizes sadness and grief being zipped and carried away, a symbol of you moving forward with your life. Finally, a body bag could also suggest as your subconscious preparing for death in some way if you're terminally ill or of an elderly person.

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To dream of a paper bag indicates that there is undisclosed information in your waking life. Either you or another person may be withholding this important piece of information.

To dream of a wet, dirty, or crumpled paper bag suggests the potential for an idea or project to go bad due to dishonesty.

A paper bag blowing in the wind is a message from your unconscious to lay all your cards on the table and to avoid denial over the undesirable situations.

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To dream of sleeping bag symbolizes comfort and safety. You want to get in touch with the different aspects of your personality and spirituality.

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To dream of using tape is an indication that your work will not be rewarded.

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To dream about being in a tent represents a bracing adjustment in your routine. It could also represent anxiety and doubt about things as they are.

Too dream about a torn tent foretells impending problems.

To dream about a group of tents means that you will be taking a trip with people you don't like.

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To dream about dice suggests that you have encountered bad luck with the stock market and could endure subsequent tough times. The dice symbolize luck and destiny.

To dream that your lover is throwing dice suggests that they are undeserving of you.

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A Lego in a dream represents a building block toward some goal. You may be working to build a career or to put together clues to solve a problem.

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To dream that you are carrying a purse foretells the presence of closely-held and guarded secrets.

To dream that you lost your purse suggests loss of command and power over your treasures. It likewise implies that you may have lost touch with your true individuality.

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To see your belly in your dream suggests that you are finally coming to terms with inner emotions or turmoil. The belly represents sentiments that aren't being communicated. This dream may also mean that you should have faith in your instincts.

To see a pregnant belly indicates that you have buried feelings deep inside and they are about to be exposed. It is too difficult to keep them hidden any longer.

To dream that you are stroking or touching a belly implies that you recognize and accept feelings that you harbor inside. These feelings have been buried for a long period of time, but you realize that you must confront them.

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To dream of denim shows a secret desire to throw off your shackles and go 'anti-establishment' for a while. It may be time in your life to question the programming, value systems and beliefs that until now you have always felt sure of. Find out what you truly believe, as a dream of denim shows great support from your unconscious.

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A vinyl object in a dream represents false ideas or ingenious behaviors.
To wear vinyl clothing in a dream represents restriction of freedom.
To be powerful and strong in vinyl clothing symbolizes a thick skin and protection from emotional vulnerability.

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To dream of a mallet implies disorder in your domestic life. Others will cause you great distress with their callous behavior. They don't seem concerned by the fact that you are not in a perfect physical or emotional state.

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To dream of a pillow denotes relief, recreation, ease, and/or indulgence. Likewise, a pillow symbolizes idleness and may be interpreted as a call to take things easy.

To dream that you are lying on a pillow indicates a need for some mental guidance.