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To dream of a picture signifies a mental picture that keeps entering your mind. There may be irreversible consequences from your actions. Ponder the phrases, 'picture this' or 'seeing the big picture' in your state of affairs.

To dream that you are hanging a picture embodies recognition or acknowledgement of the illustration shown in the picture. You have come to a realization or compromise regarding a situation.

To dream of a picture hints that you need to develop a thorough understanding of circumstances at hand. You have to put your relationship or some situation at the center of your attention. You are likely experiencing an urge to relive past memories from relationship.

To see a black and white picture indicates that you need to reflect on the merit of contrasting views/values. On the other hand, it may indicate you need to add more color and excitement to your life.

To notice a blurry picture in your dream suggests that your recollection of the illustrated occasion, incident, or person, is fading. This may be an indication of the need to move on with your life. It is a reminder to stop clinging to the past and focus on the present. On the other hand, you are trying to cover up a situation and refusing to acknowledge it as it really is. You have to make room for acceptance.

Madonna  No comments yet

To dream of Madonna represents the nurturer of everlasting life and all that is perfect in the world. It also symbolizes good fortune.

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To dream that you are painting your house may signify the satisfaction of completing a project and the need to express your creativity. It foretells a successful venture or desired promotion. On the other hand, dreaming of paint that you are covering something up.

The color of the paint gives additional significance to the context of your dream. For example, red paint implies the shedding of inhibitions and painting the town red.

To dream of being splattered by paint signifies over-sensitivity to criticism and shrewd remarks from people around you.

To see a painting in your dream signifies your need for self-expression. The painting reflects your inner feelings and thoughts.

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To see a photograph in your dream signifies a need to strengthen relationships. It may also mean that the image you see is merely an illusion. Alternatively, it denotes false expectations or a yearning for a return to years past.

Postcard  No comments yet

To dream of a postcard suggests you should be candid and accessible.

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To dream that you are moving in slow motion indicates that you are currently facing hardships and obstacles. There may be a situation or issue that is causing you incredible anxiety and anguish.

Theater  1 commented on this dream

To dream about being in a theater means that pleasure will come from impending friendships. Think about how what's onstage mirrors things in your daily living. See how the actors' roles relate to you. Maybe you're assuming a different guise.

To dream that you are laughing or clapping in a theater means that you want to have fun now, instead of concentrating on future success.

To dream about a fire in a theater indicates that you are gambling when taking on fresh endeavors.

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*Please see Theater.

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To dream that you are watching a film suggests that you are looking at yourself and your emotions without any real connection.

Jigsaw Puzzle  No comments yet

To dream of a jigsaw puzzle represents great difficulties that would prove to be a mental challenge in your waking life. If there are missing puzzle pieces, then it denotes that information needed to make sound decisions are not available.

Queen of Hearts  No comments yet

To dream of the queen of hearts indicates either the opportunity to meet your mate and fall in love, or to renew a love that may have been flagging through unawareness and inattentiveness.

There is a sense of trepidation if the queen of hearts appears in a dream, as though yielding to love is a great risk. The message is to yield anyway and open up to a realm of possibility only previously imagined.