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Cell Phone  6 commented on this dream

To dream of a cell phone implies that you are open-minded and willing to accept other opinions or viewpoints. You are also a very flexible person.

To dream that you lost your cell phone indicates that you feel unable to express your emotions sufficiently. You need to do some soul searching and access your spirituality

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To dream of a phone number represents a call for help or a need to get in touch with someone.

To dream that you cannot recall or find a phone number indicates your need to handle responsibility without relying on help from others. Be independent.

Telephone  No comments yet

To dream of a telephone or a ringing telephone represents a signal or psychic communique from your subconscious. It means that you may have to confront something directly when you have been evasive. The phone generally can be a symbol of how you relate to other people.

To dream that you don't wish to answer the phone indicates that you have trouble communicating. You are attempting to deflect some circumstance or affair.

To dream that you are talking to an acquaintance on the phone means that something involving that individual needs to be dealt with. It could require committing some part of your inner self.

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Voice mail in a dream represents a message of advice. Consider who the message is from and its content to gain more understanding of its context and proper application.

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Dreaming of an alphabet generally signifies a return to learning, or going back to the fundamental basics of a concept. A combination of alphabetic letters or a specific alphabet in your dream has a certain significance to you. Therefore, examine these in the context of your waking life to determine what meaning they hold.

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