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A hermit is a common indication of distance, isolation and solitude. To dream about being a hermit means that you're experiencing those feelings and that they are starting to affect your life.

Living in a cocoon or hiding yourself in the sand can never be a solution to any problem. You might be so used to this approach that you opt to completely abandon important situations and people.

Try to think things over - speak to a friend or someone you trust. Don't isolate yourself, or else it might be too late to turn back and resolve an issue.

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Hippies represent rebellion, revolution, freedom, and fighting oppression.

To dream of being a hippie indicates your desire to stand out from the crowd, and to be known for your unique identity and style.

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Imagine sitting in a hot tub with steam coming out from the water beneath you. This evokes relaxation.

To dream about hot tub offers you a way out of your daily routine and stress. It brings instantaneous pleasure that belongs only to you. It can also reflect the hidden aspects of your unconscious.

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To dream that you fail to be hypnotized means that the issues you currently face cannot be resolved by anyone else but you.

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To dream that you are at an interview indicates your fear of being evaluated by others.

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To dream of a jaybird denotes performing work that is enjoyable but not productive. A jaybird that is dead is indicative of an argument or disagreement that you are having with a loved one.

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To dream of a jester signifies mundane things and passing fancies which might cause you to pay little attention to important and pressing matters.

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To dream of a jet ski represents a series of plights towards self-awareness and discovery. You are trying to explore your unconscious in a very purposeful manner. Additionally, the dream may imply sexual relationships or exploits.

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To dream of a jury indicates a sense of being scrutinized by other people. You get the feeling of being under a lens as though others are judging and watching your every move.

To dream that you are part of a jury symbolizes your tendency to judge others.

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To dream that you are a member of a legislature suggests that you are arrogant and conceited. You give high regard to the quantity and quality of your personal possessions, but have no real grasp of your role in promoting economic and social advancement.