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Native American  No comments yet

To dream of a Native American symbolizes the primitive and wild aspect of your personality. This represents a yearning to break free from cultural and societal barriers.

Slums  No comments yet

To dream that you live in the slums implies that you are harboring unconstructive and pessimistic emotions. Your ideas and morals aren't coming to fruition.

City  2 commented on this dream

To dream about a city suggests a feeling of closeness, community, or your surroundings. If you dream about a deserted city, you may be experiencing a sense of loss or a spurning by those close to you.

To dream about a city in ruins indicates that you are not paying attention to your social networks and they are now beginning to fall apart.

Government  No comments yet

To dream about the government represents control and governance in your life. Think about what attributes define you. Are you greedy or do you lust for someone? Perhaps affection leads you through life. This dream could indicate how you view the world as a whole.

Gypsy  No comments yet

To dream of a gypsy implies that you want to live your life without restrictions. It may also mean that you should set some solid goals and objectives.

Indian  No comments yet

To dream of an Indian symbolizes the primal and instinctual aspect of your persona. You need to have a better grasp of life situations and surroundings. You also have to rely on your abilities and draw out strength from your personal power. To see an Indian in your dream may likewise refer to sincerity, commitment, and good judgment.

Loveseat  No comments yet

*Please see Couch.

Media  No comments yet

*See Press.

Marilyn Monroe  No comments yet

Marilyn Monroe represents beauty, grace and stardom. If you dream that you are Marilyn Monroe, you have a strong desire to be treated like a star in your daily life. If you dream of meeting Marilyn Monroe, you may wish to reawaken the glamorous side of yourself.

Meeting  1 commented on this dream

To attend a meeting in dream implies that you are coordinating among different aspects of your personality. You are accepting the input of various emotions within yourself in order to overcome a problem.
A meeting in dream might also refer to your work. To dream that you are late to a meeting represents a worry about living up to your own and others' expectations.