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To dream of pennies is a sign of fear, particularly of becoming poor or losing wealth.

A dream involving pennies represent your persistence, talent, and capacity for work. Be confident of your ability.

To dream of a shiny penny signifies good fortune.

To find pennies in your dream denotes realization and discovery of innate talents.

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In general, to dream of shoes signifies your attitude towards life. You are a very practical person and are steadfast in your opinions and principles.

If you are changing your shoes, then it symbolizes a change in your attitude or outlook. If you forget your shoes, then it implies that you are being stubborn and you are declining to alter your opinion or point of view.

To see old and worn shoes in your dream indicates that you achieve your goals by being attentive, meticulous, and thorough with your tasks. It may also denote your acknowledgement of your true self.

To see new shoes in your dream insinuates that you are embarking on a journey to an unknown destination in your life. You may be arrogant and sure of yourself.

To dream that you are wearing inappropriate shoes for the activity at hand suggests that you will encounter difficulties and obstacles during your life. You may be traveling down an inappropriate or incorrect path and you should stop to rethink your ultimate purpose.

To dream that you are not wearing any shoes indicates that you are insecure and not sure if your decisions and actions are correct. Inner conflicts regarding your individuality and feelings exist. Thus, if you dream that you lose your shoes, then it proposes that you are struggling to uncover your true self.

To see baby shoes in your dream represents wholesomeness, virtue, naivety, compassion, and the need for affection. If you have children, or children are in your near future, this suggests that you will find yourself in a more sensible and practical role. Taking care of a child requires great attention and self-sacrifice.

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To dream that you or someone is cheap implies that you see yourself as inferior and worthless. You need to realize that you do have the potential to develop your strengths and talents.

To dream that you got something at a cheap price means that someone isn't giving you the credit you deserve. Perhaps you are being dishonest with someone. Pay attention to the item and what emotions it stirs in you.

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To dream of copper symbolizes the ability to renew, revitalize, and regenerate the physical and emotional self. It also represents imagination, invention, and innovations.

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To dream of finding a quarter on the ground suggests luck is in the air. It cautions you to watch your feet, keep your eyes open, and be willing to accept that gifts sometimes arrive in small but significant packages.

To dream that someone gives you a quarter is telling you to relax your pride and accept help when offered.

Alternatively, when you dream of giving somebody a quarter, it is a message to be aware for opportunities to help others. Giving invites the vibration of receiving.

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To dream that someone is mean to you indicates that you are afraid of what that person thinks of you. In the dream, your mind is exaggerating to the worst possible scenario in order to prepare you for a confrontation that you worry may be in your future.
Alternatively, the one who is mean to you in your dream might be yourself. Don't be too hard on yourself in your daily life.

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Playing bingo in a dream means either it's commenting on age like how old you feel or it's an indication of hope for something to happen. Quirkily playing bingo or being surrounded by elderly people should urge you to consider what your dream may be telling you about yourself in regards to age. As bingo symbolizes your hoping for something to happen, it's yet most likely point to something that's against the odds such as winning the lotto.

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