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To meet a pastor in a dream symbolizes spiritual guidance. A pastor in a dream may give you advice or lead you to further symbols which are meant to help you solve a problem.

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To see an archbishop in your dream indicates that you will have to overcome many hurdles and hardships before you are able to attain prosperity and status.

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To dream of an abbot represents a powerful male in your life, usually a father figure given to displays of authority.

Dreaming that you are 'less than' the abbot may indicate a lack of confidence in your life and emotional/spiritual suppression possibly connected to your relationship with your own father.

Dreaming that you are equal to or more powerful than the abbot this indicates a willingness to take action in your life, changing an old habit to grow in confidence and embracing more of who you truly are.

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To dream of a rabbi suggests uncertainty about a situation in your recent past. It may be a value conflict in which you have said yes or no to someone but then regretted it later.

A rabbi handing you an object within a dream implies that you have the gift of discretion and diplomacy. Making amends for your faulty decision will be easier than expected.

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A dream in which you are a vicar indicates that you have great spiritual gifts that you would like to share with others. You may also have some advice or guidance to give to a friend in need.
To dream that you are visited by a vicar indicates that you are the one in need of guidance.

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