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Paper  1 commented on this dream

To dream of blank white paper signifies a desire to reinvent yourself and start anew in your life. Your dream may be an appropriate medium to express yourself

To see a stack of papers suggests stressful overload in duties and responsibilities.

Paper Bag  No comments yet

To dream of a paper bag indicates that there is undisclosed information in your waking life. Either you or another person may be withholding this important piece of information.

To dream of a wet, dirty, or crumpled paper bag suggests the potential for an idea or project to go bad due to dishonesty.

A paper bag blowing in the wind is a message from your unconscious to lay all your cards on the table and to avoid denial over the undesirable situations.

Paper Clip  No comments yet

To dream of a paper clip suggests a need to keep your relationships and associations intact. It also means you need to sort out and rearrange certain aspects of your life.

Paper Towel  No comments yet

In a dream, paper towels symbolize temporary assistance.
To run out of paper towels in a dream indicates that you feel a need to reconnect with those around you, but there is a barrier in the communication.

Paper Plates  No comments yet

In a dream, paper plates symbolize transience.
To see a pile of dirty paper plates in a dream represents empty nourishment. You may be exhausted and feeling like no one is able to help you.
Paper plates from a party in a dream represent other people's problems. You may be tired of picking up their mess.

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To dream that you are putting labels on items implies that your life is in disarray and you need to find stability. It may also mean that you too hastily form judgements and express these incorrect ideas to others.

To see or read labels in your dream indicates that an adversary has gained knowledge of personal information because you have let down your guard.

Napkin  No comments yet

To dream of a napkin suggests tidiness and sanitation. This may also imply a readiness to hear good news and receive acts of kindness.

Seeing dirty napkins being laid on the dining table represents a main problem in a marriage or relationship.

Newspaper  No comments yet

To dream of newspapers means you are gaining increased awareness and understanding. These fresh approaches and new insights will provide ease in solving current concerns.

To see some newspapers in your dream may likewise be treated as an impetus to be more outspoken and expressive. It is a challenge to 'make headlines' for yourself.

To dream that you tried but failed to read through a newspaper may mean failure in an endeavor that may eventually bring you a soiled reputation.

Printer  No comments yet

To dream of a printer implies an attempt to communicate your thoughts and ideas.

To dream of a non-functioning printer denotes difficulties in imparting your information and ideas to others.

Rubber Band  1 commented on this dream

To dream of a rubber band denotes a need to be more flexible in your dealing with others. You need to stretch the way you react, imagine, or conceptualize plans.

To see a rubber band snap signifies that you are overburdened. You have overstretched yourself.

Sandpaper  No comments yet

To dream of sandpaper indicates that you are experiencing a difficulty or crisis in a relationship. In addition, it may suggest that you need to change your aggressive and severe approach or outlook towards a certain situation.

Scissors  No comments yet

To dream that you are using scissors indicates that you have complete command over aspects in your life; you are strong-minded and determined. In addition, it may also signify the need to distance yourself from certain people or situations in your life.

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To dream of sheet music expresses your need for peace and balance in your life, particularly in regards to a close friendship or association.

Silver  No comments yet

To dream of silver represents your insight and female attributes. It also signifies lunar influences.

Tape  No comments yet

To dream of using tape is an indication that your work will not be rewarded.