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To dream of a page suggests that you are starting to pick up yourself. You are recovering from a broken relationship, but take care to not enter a doomed new relationship

Seeing a blank page in your dream suggests a life in a rut. You live a stagnant life with no improvement or a clear direction.

To dream that you are a page suggests being caught in transient amusements and unproductive pleasure.

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To dream of a pager foretells the difficulties of a person in communicating their thoughts to you. They are trying to find ways to get through to you. Alternatively, you might also feel that a person is trying to influence you with their opinions and beliefs.

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To dream of being a pageant contestant may suggest that you focus too much energy on what others think about you.

Losing a pageant indicates that you believe you are better than what others think. You may have been giving others a false impression, leading them to speculate. Be who you actually are rather than what you think others would approve of.

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To dream about using a fax machine suggests that your subconscious is sending you pieces of information. These communications will prove to be genuine.

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To dream of a notebook suggests your desire to be in total control of your life. You prefer thorough documentation on important matters.

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To dream of a phone number represents a call for help or a need to get in touch with someone.

To dream that you cannot recall or find a phone number indicates your need to handle responsibility without relying on help from others. Be independent.

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*Please See Pager.

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To dream that you are at the carnival signifies deceit and misrepresentation. If you are watching 'freak shows' then you have a lack of peace and fulfillment within your home life. Sadness will be coming to parts of your life that were once happy and content.

To dream about being on a carnival ride indicates that you are traveling in loops. It could also represent simple enjoyment; the kind that leave no lasting impression.

To dream that you have run away with a carnival represents that you will have close ties or will be involved with the entertainment industry in some manner.

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To dream of a walkie-talkie implies a desire for a more natural connection with another person. There is a suggestion that you may have been relying on childish patterns to resolve conflicts, thus leaving you as a veritably unsatisfied adult. Make careful note of who is on the other walkie-talkie for clues about relationships. Use a more mature approach to resolving current arguments.

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To dream of a gala is an indication that an aspect of your waking life holds the key to success and celebration. To be invited to a gala signals good news that you have already heard but not registered. To dream of organizing a gala event suggests you have come up with a winning idea and would do well to follow through at this time.

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Dreaming of a banner heralds an event of some significance in your waking life. Note what the banner says or is it blank? Note the color of the banner and how that color affects you for clues as to your unconscious needs.

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A dream in which you are an usher symbolizes your desire to care for others and help to give them guidance.
To be led by an usher in a dream indicates that you seek guidance for yourself.

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To see glitter in your dream represents enhanced beauty, magic, fairies and the wonder of childhood. To see this symbol reminds you that magic and beauty are all around you and nothing compares to the innocence of wonder in the eyes of a child playing with magical glitter. Connect to this sense of wonder and belief in magic from the childhood.