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To dream of a package denotes the untapped use of talents, creativity, and well-guarded emotions.

To receive a package in your dream denotes the acquisition of new resources or the act of admitting certain feelings. To present or give a package in your dream signifies projection of your feelings without any direct involvement.

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To dream that you are packing signifies a new and significant beginning. This means you are leaving old relationships and issues behind. It may also signify the burdens you carry in real life.

To dream that you are repetitively packing and unpacking signifies confusion in your life. You have too much on your plate, and you are overwhelmed by the burdens you face. Try to arrange your priorities - establish the habit of taking care of the more important tasks so you may be able to finally move on and act on matters which will bring greater impact in your life.

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To dream about seeing or carrying a backpack signals worries about choices and encumbrances.

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To dream that you are a gang member represents your desire to accomplish your goals through the use of force and threats.

To dream that you are confronted by a gang suggests that there are certain situations that are 'ganging up' on you and becoming more than you can handle.

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To dream that you are eating jam indicates good news and new discoveries. Consider the cliche, 'caught in a jam,' which may mean that you may find yourself in some trouble.

To dream that you are making jam symbolizes a happy and blissful family life.

To dream that you are spreading jam indicates that you may be doing too many things at the same time - you cannot give enough attention to any of them. It would be worthwhile to learn to say no to commitments you cannot attend to.

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To dream that you only have one eye suggests denial in accepting another point of view. It represents a one-sided and biased approach for a matter at hand.

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To dream that you are in a parachute signifies a feeling of safety and security amidst danger and chaos. On the other hand, it may also imply that it is time to get out of a sticky situation or let go of an old opinion.

To dream that you have difficulties with a parachute signifies a probable act of betrayal by a person you trust and rely on.

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To dream of a sandwich indicates that you are harboring feelings of frustration and stress towards some aspect in your life. It can also represent your talent for multitasking. In some situations, a sandwich in your dream may simply be a sandwich.

To see or eat a fish sandwich denotes an inner struggle between faith and reason.

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To dream of a snowman implies that you tend to be distant with others and display aloofness. It's possible that you are being uncaring and inconsiderate regarding the needs of others. It may also represent your fun-loving nature and your desire to be with those you love.

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To dream of a US Mail Box represents that you might be asked to join in an unlawful activity.

When you mail a letter in your dreams, this represents that you are accountable for a problem that you are currently experiencing.

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To dream of putting wadding into a rifle or other firearm foreshadows a dangerous event in your future. You may be verbally or emotionally attacked. Arm yourself against these attacks.

If the wadding is being used to complete a piece of art, fear not, the hard work and dedication you have put into this artistic endeavor will soon be rewarded.

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To dream about a bag signifies emotional weight that you are carrying. If the bag is tattered, it means that your troubles are quite heavy.

A dream about a bag loaded with clutter is a symbol of stress and complication. You must find a way to reduce the weight.