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To dream of noticing oil represents the need to conduct things in a far better fashion. This may also suggest a need to be more loving and compassionate in your life.

To see some baby oil in your dream stands for the occasional yearning to comfort and pacify the child within.

On the other hand, to see crude oil in your dream symbolizes grand riches and treasures. This may also be treated as a reminder of your need for increased social activities.

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To dream about baby oil means that you should console the child that lives inside you. That part of your personality should be allowed to come out every so often.

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To dream of an oil spill hints of emotional problems and misery relating to personal relationships. You are emotionally disturbed and preoccupied with worries.

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To dream of having your nails polished could represent your desire for style and charisma. If the nail snaps, you may be attempting to stay away from a situation or duty.

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To dream that you are fat suggests that there will be good changes coming. It can also mean that you are being a bit too easygoing. Your anxieties can be getting some traction in your life. You may have issues of a low self-image.

To dream that others are fat indicates wealth and success.

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To dream of a lamp represents guidance, optimism, inspiration, enlightenment, and reassurance.

To see a broken lamp symbolizes your resistance in accepting unsolicited advice and other acts of goodwill. It also represents coming disaster, hardship, and bad luck.

To witness a lamp explode indicates the possibility of a soured friendship. You will be enemies with someone who used to be a friend.

To dream of a dim or unlit lamp suggests you are feeling engulfed by emotional matters. You are in a dark situation in your life and you seem to have a tough time maneuvering your way back to the right path.

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To dream of a lantern predicts an outpouring of blessings in your life which might include astonishing wealth and fortunate transactions.

To dream that you are carrying a lantern illuminates your goodwill and charity, which will continue to catch the attention of many friends.

To dream that a lantern goes out predicts a short fall from prestige.

To blow out a lantern in your dream indicates that your marriage plans will be in jeopardy.

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To dream of marigolds implies that your life will be long, happy, and full of prosperity. You will avoid grave illnesses and hardships.

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To dream of mayonnaise symbolizes hardship and distress that you are experiencing in life. It may also imply that someone is treating you with cruelty and contempt.

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To dream that you are handling putty symbolizes your preference for risky business, which might bring you harm and greater losses in the future.

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To dream of soot represents eternal life. In particular, if you are covered in soot, then it indicates that you don't hold positive thoughts or opinions of yourself. Perhaps a certain aspect of your personality causes you anxiety or humiliation.

Alcohol  1 commented on this dream

To dream about alcohol in average consumption means that you are pleased with choices you've made.

To dream about drinking excessive quantities of alcohol, you may feel remorse or insufficient. You feel like a fraud and will be revealed as such. Alcohol is a means to hide from a previous poor choice or act.

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To dream that you are traveling in an automobile means that even when things are going well, you won't always be comfortable.

To dream about nearly being hit by a car signals that you can best your competitors.