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To dream of having a fine neighbor denotes satisfaction and serenity at home. On the other hand, dreaming of an irate neighbor symbolizes arguments, conflicts, and a probable need to move away.

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To dream about your neighborhood suggests a sense of unity and greater involvement. This is an expression of a yearning to build more friendships and acquaintances. This is a call to act upon your feelings toward your neighbors.

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Seeing an acquaintance in your dream may represent great business affairs and balance in your personal life. You will encounter this acquaintance shortly after your dream. If you argue with an acquaintance, you could soon be faced with a humiliating experience.

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To dream of a belt indicates a restricted course of energy of life. You could be experiencing issues between your instincts and ideology. A belt can also represent control and retribution.

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A dream about ghetto indicates unfair obstacles in your current environment. It's suggesting a situation of oppression which you may need assistance to overcome.

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