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Nature  No comments yet

To dream of nature symbolizes independence, serenity, restoration, and rebirth. It stands for practiced and articulated internal instincts. You are very much in touch with your inner self.

Nativity  No comments yet

To dream of the nativity suggests an amazing breakthrough about yourself and your potential. This dream focuses on the value of spiritual guidance and innate power versus that of worldly riches and other concerns in the physical world.

Native American  No comments yet

To dream of a Native American symbolizes the primitive and wild aspect of your personality. This represents a yearning to break free from cultural and societal barriers.

National Anthem  No comments yet

To dream of your country's national anthem indicates a personal need to revisit an important location or emotional situation from your childhood.

The national anthem playing loudly in your dream may be telling you to be open to others cultural differences.

Raw  No comments yet

To eat raw food in a dream represents raw emotions. You may be ready to accept your wilder desires.

Poetry  No comments yet

To dream of poetry symbolizes idealism and inspiration. It may also mean that you need to be more effective in communicating with another person.

Yankee  No comments yet

To dream of hearing yourself being referred to as a 'Yankee' indicates that your love is not being completely honest with you. If you refer to another as a 'Yankee' indicates happiness and possible gains in your life in regards to loyalty and promises.

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To dream of an Indian symbolizes the primal and instinctual aspect of your persona. You need to have a better grasp of life situations and surroundings. You also have to rely on your abilities and draw out strength from your personal power. To see an Indian in your dream may likewise refer to sincerity, commitment, and good judgment.

America  No comments yet

A dream about America symbolizes your personal hopes and aspirations. These will differ from person to person, but the underlying theme is the possibility that America offers. Depending on what background you come from or your political leanings, America may also symbolize something more serious and important. Analyze this within the context of your waking life.

Cannabis  No comments yet

To dream of cannabis may indicate that you have been thinking about it or smoking it too much lately and therefore suggests that you desire on a deep level to remove it from your life. Alternatively, you may be in need of some relief from stress build up in your waking life finding a positive and life enhancing method of stress relief may be of great benefit to you and your family.

Aborigine  No comments yet

Seeing an Aborigine in a dream is a sign of your primitive, interior self, as well as your more naive side. It can also signal that you are overindulging in something or being too emotional, which can lead to harm.

Dalmatian  No comments yet

To dream of a dalmatian means you have a tendency to disregard your emotions in preference to the requirements of others. You tend to be more interested in making sure others are satisfied.