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Dead  9 commented about this dream

To dream of the dead warns that you could be surrounded by too many negative individuals, and that you are staying in touch with the wrong people. You could lose things because of this. This dream may also be a way to help you deal with the loss of certain people.

If you dream about those long passed, this means that a relationship or current circumstance is similar to that long-lost person. It could be that you simply need to let go of this current situation and allow it to die.

To see your dead parents in your dream signifies the apprehension of their ultimate fate or the way you are handling the loss. You may simply need one more chance to bid them farewell.

To dream about a dead sibling, relative, or acquaintance, suggests that you are longing for them and attempting to revive the times you shared. As you move through life, dreams offer an opportunity to deal with issues involving loss and grieving.

Meat  No comments yet

To dream of raw meat implies that you will face numerous hardships while pursuing your objectives. It may also represent your basic feelings and wild behavior.

To see cooked meat in you dream indicates that someone else will attain the goal or achievement that you have been pursuing.

To dream that you are eating meat suggests that you are tackling an issue directly.

To see rotten meat in your dream implies humiliation and shame. It may indicate an upcoming illness.

Mean  No comments yet

To dream that someone is mean to you indicates that you are afraid of what that person thinks of you. In the dream, your mind is exaggerating to the worst possible scenario in order to prepare you for a confrontation that you worry may be in your future.
Alternatively, the one who is mean to you in your dream might be yourself. Don't be too hard on yourself in your daily life.

Meals  No comments yet

To dream of meals implies that you should concentrate on more important issues in your life Don't focus on minor issues.

*See Eating.

Medal  No comments yet

To dream of medals represents recognition of your achievements. Others are noticing your skills.

Media  No comments yet

*See Press

Meadow  No comments yet

To dream of a meadow symbolizes acceptance and protection. You recognize your achievements and are proud of yourself.

Medium  No comments yet

To dream of being a medium means to desire to know yourself more deeply. It can indicate frustration in life and things not working the way you want them to.

To dream of visiting a medium means that you may not trust yourself to have the answers. In fact, the dream is clearly indicating that on a deep subconscious level you possess all the answers you will ever need.

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