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Bunk Beds  No comments yet

To see bunk beds in your dream is a reflection of more youthful and simple times. It may also indicate that you are experiencing confusion and frustrations regarding sexual matters. You find it challenging to communicate your wants and requirements.

Quadruplets  No comments yet

To dream of quadruplets may mean you are about to get more than you bargained for. You can't always control the outcome no matter how well you plan or try.

To dream of quadruplets implies that you are currently involved in something that is going to suddenly require more time and attention. It will probably bring higher reward.

Kaleidoscope  No comments yet

To dream of a kaleidoscope indicates the merging of multiple aspects of that person's life. It is also representative of diversity and diverse paths, which suggests that the dreamer is having difficulty deciding what to do for a career.

Mushroom  No comments yet

To dream of mushrooms denotes corrupt and unscrupulous practices to gain wealth. This may work against you and engage you in lawsuits.

To dream that you are eating mushrooms implies that you will be disgraced and abandoned by persons you trust. You will be faced with multiple challenges and personal battles.

Rabbits  2 commented on this dream

To dream of a rabbit is a good omen, as it foretells of good luck. Your life will soon see a positive change for the better. Conversely, the rabbit may be a metaphor for your sexual activity.

To see a white rabbit is an indication that your love has been untrue to you, and is engaging in an affair.

To see multiple hopping rabbits foreshadows the children you and your spouse will soon have.

Manatee  No comments yet

To dream of swimming with a manatee indicates a warm and gentle personality.

Multiple manatees suggest it may be time for some rest and relaxation, and possibly even a trip to a warmer climate. There is also a suggestion of a little sadness.

To dream of a manatee mother and baby advises you to be loving and soft to yourself at this time.

Welding  No comments yet

To dream of welding multiple objects together symbolizes a collection made whole. You may be assembling an idea, a plan, or a rejuvenated self.

Calves  No comments yet

To see your calves in your dream indicates that you possess great agility and the talent to multitask. You can handle multiple issues at one time. You are also adept at switching from issue to issue.
To dream that you are admiring your own calves represents your involvement with a partner who becomes too reliant on you. He or she may use you for your offering of security, comfort or money

Bigamy  No comments yet

If you dream of getting involved in bigamy or having multiple spouses, it represents your inability to choose between multiple options and your mind's reminder that not choosing may have consequences.
Dreaming that you are with the bigamist represents either your desire for someone to make a choice or your belief that a situation in your life has escalated to a more serious level in which you have not noticed until just recently.

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