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Gold  3 commented on this dream

To discover gold in your dream suggests that you have discovered something about yourself that is precious. This could be a previously undiscovered wealth of information.

To dream that you are burying gold indicates that you are attempting to bury some aspect about yourself.

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To dream of the lottery indicates a dependence on destiny. You are passive in taking accountability and thus believe that your efforts are useless since fate rules your waking life. You should evaluate and consider all angles of a situation before committing to an endeavor.

To win the lottery symbolizes your fervent wish to live a prosperous and worry-free life.

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To dream of speaking about your salary in a positive way may mean you have a thoughtful and grateful conscious and therefore are likely to expect good fortune emotionally and possibly financially.

Dreaming of feeling unhappy about your salary or talking in a negative fashion suggests a downward mental spiral that may need to be addressed now before you begin to feel depressed.

Someone coming to you with news of a salary raise is a message to you that you are able to make emotional changes necessary to better your life generally.

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To dream of finding a quarter on the ground suggests luck is in the air. It cautions you to watch your feet, keep your eyes open, and be willing to accept that gifts sometimes arrive in small but significant packages.

To dream that someone gives you a quarter is telling you to relax your pride and accept help when offered.

Alternatively, when you dream of giving somebody a quarter, it is a message to be aware for opportunities to help others. Giving invites the vibration of receiving.

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To dream of being a contestant on a game show may symbolize a petty disagreement with someone in your waking life. A game show on television speaks of an opportunity to see an argument from a different perspective, bringing light to the situation. You may have to release your feelings of pride so as to resolve this disagreement. Dreaming of a game show is suggesting that you may not have been entirely correct in your original judgment.

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To dream of being a banker means that you may soon be asked a question in regards to another's financial endeavor. They will be listening to your advice seriously so be humble and certain before you answer. To dream that you are handing your money over to a banker suggests that you have a high level of trust in somebody at the moment and that they will likely do the right thing by you but sometimes a written contract may be necessary to ensure security.

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Lowering interest rates in a dream symbolize a reduced interest in an activity in your life. An object of your attention may have recently disappointed you and your attention has gone elsewhere.

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To dream of many nickels or a rain of nickels represents the overwhelming accumulation of many small stressors in your life.
A single nickel in a dream symbolizes a small problem which threatens to grow.

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To sell your belongings at a pawn shop in a dream represents a depletion of energy. You may feel that you have nowhere to go and are running out of options.
Alternatively, to give your things to a pawn shop may feel liberating and indicate your wish to let go of emotional baggage.

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To dream about a paycheck represents success.
To receive a paycheck in a dream indicates that you feel deserving of praise in your work. You have great pride in a recent accomplishment.
To dream that you have lost your paycheck indicates that you are worried you won't be able to achieve your goals.