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Musical instruments in a dream represent harmony. Technical instruments are symbols of your work or an emotional state which you associate with those tasks.

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To hear a record player in a dream suggests that your mind is caught going in circles.
To hear a broken record in a dream indicates that you are struggling to make progress and overcome a recurring problem.

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A scanner in a dream represents an exchange of information. This dream may also indicate that you are repeating the ideas of others.

Vehicle  1 commented on this dream

To ride in a vehicle in a dream represents your life's speed and direction. Refer to particular vehicles for more detail.
The driver of a vehicle in a dream represents the person, or the aspect of yourself, or a part of your life, which is in control of your life's path. For example, to dream that your boss is driving you around indicates that your work has become the main factor in your life decisions.
To dream of falling from a vehicle indicates that you feel out of control.
To dream of crashing a vehicle represents a self-destructive action.

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Dreaming of appliances indicates a desire to settle down and establish your own domestic space. A dream in which you are using an appliance may be a sign that you have become overly reliant on someone but have failed to show your appreciation.

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To see a generator in your dream indicates an independent source of physical motivation and also the ability for creation with no help from outside influences.