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Numbers  6 commented on this dream

To dream of numbers connotes unresolved matters in business dealings that cause anxiety and disappointment.

For interpretation of a specific number, kindly look up Dream Themes: Numbers.

Lottery  No comments yet

To dream of the lottery indicates a dependence on destiny. You are passive in taking accountability and thus believe that your efforts are useless since fate rules your waking life. You should evaluate and consider all angles of a situation before committing to an endeavor.

To win the lottery symbolizes your fervent wish to live a prosperous and worry-free life.

Odd Numbers  No comments yet

To dream of writing or counting odd numbers indicates unfairness in your waking life. A situation may need careful examination as someone could be getting the raw end of the deal. Dealing justly with a situation now will save guilt and or heartache in the future

Bet  No comments yet

Placing a bet or betting in a dream means the decision you have made recently has an unfavorable outcome. This dream in general is a warning telling you to be more careful about situation you're having and avoid coming into quick conclusion.

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Playing bingo in a dream means either it's commenting on age like how old you feel or it's an indication of hope for something to happen. Quirkily playing bingo or being surrounded by elderly people should urge you to consider what your dream may be telling you about yourself in regards to age. As bingo symbolizes your hoping for something to happen, it's yet most likely point to something that's against the odds such as winning the lotto.

Raffle  No comments yet

To dream that you are raffling an item symbolizes precarious assumptions and investment ventures.

To dream that you are attending a church raffle predicts of grave misery in your future.

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To dream of hitting the jackpot is an indication of a wonderful idea burgeoning within your unconscious mind. To dream of lights flashing and coins flowing onto the floor suggests that you have all the ingredients necessary to create an abundant and enjoyable life. To dream of a casino or gambling hall filled with the sound of other people's jackpots going off implies an underlying fear of lack even though your life may be rich with abundance.

Liquor Store  No comments yet

To dream of a liquor store symbolizes a feeling of temptation. You may be surrounded by friends or family who are tempting you to act against your own judgment. You may feel overwhelmed by the vast possibility of poor choices around you.
Alternatively you may be excited by the idea of acting outside the norm.

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