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Leaves  No comments yet

To dream of leaves denotes newfound hope for enhancing and enriching every facet in your life. It is symbolic of your coming of age, maturity, and readiness. On the other hand, it also indicates phases of your life and of days passed.

To see brown or withered leaves in your dream mean hopelessness, despair, suffering, and death.

Lead  No comments yet

To dream of seeing lead denotes a problem or situation that is bothering you. You might be experiencing guilt over a relationship or an unfavorable turn of events.

To see a lead mine in your dream symbolizes betrayal.

Leak  No comments yet

To dream of a leak symbolizes great loss and misery. You are busy with unproductive endeavors. Then again, dreaming of a leak may suggest the presence of subdued feelings rising from your unconscious.

Learn  No comments yet

To dream of learning epitomizes your fascination and thirst for continuous learning.

To dream that you are in places of learning predicts that you will be respected in your chosen field of expertise.

Leash  No comments yet

To dream that you are holding a leash suggests that you need to have better control of your life.

To dream that you are wearing a leash indicates that you must show more restraint in your sexual preference, urges, and desires.

Leader  2 commented about this dream

To dream that you are a leader symbolizes your capability to assume headship. You are able to assert ideas and suggestions and you are in a good position to impart wisdom and guidance to others.

The dream may also indicate that you are merely going with the flow and suggests a need to play an active part in a situation. Be fully accountable in your decisions and behavior.

Leaping  No comments yet

To dream of leaping over an object signifies that you will eventually reach your objectives after giving your all in an endeavor. You will overcome your problems and tribulations.

Leather  No comments yet

To dream of leather indicates sturdiness and toughness. You seek refuge from the harshness of the world around you.

To dream of leather is also suggestive of the carnal nature in your waking life.

Leaning  No comments yet

To dream of leaning indicates a lack of balance in some aspect of your life. Something which is leaning in a dream is pulling you off track and taking up too much of your time.

Abscond  No comments yet

To dream of absconding, men should beware of deception from co-workers. For women, she should use care where she offers her attention.

Adieu  No comments yet

To dream that you're bidding adieu to someone, you will encounter enjoyable parties or visits.

To dream of a sad farewell, you are experiencing, or will experience, anguish and loss.

Alder  No comments yet

Dreaming of an alder tree suggests a previously unknown health issue, as this tree has been used and known for centuries in the treatment of various ailments. Take this as a reminder to look after yourself and schedule a checkup if needed.

Alternatively, dreaming of an alder may symbolize fertility and stability.

Anthill  No comments yet

The presence of an anthill in your dream symbolizes cooperation and productivity. Try to relinquish control. It can be tempting to take everything on yourself, but be careful not to underestimate the power of teamwork.

Autumn  No comments yet

To dream of autumn means that you will get something that resulted from the difficult efforts of other people.

Cigar  No comments yet

To dream about smoking a cigar signifies grandeur and a calm state of mind. You have power over your feelings and your fervor. Freud considered the cigar a metaphor for a phallus that indicates masculinity and pure energy. This dream may also indicate someone whom you know that smokes cigars.

To dream of dried or shriveled cigars could be symbolic of a lack of a sex life.

Cocaine  No comments yet

To dream that you are doing cocaine implies that you are having problems getting in touch with your emotions and feelings. You don't want to face obligations or finish your tasks and projects. You have no motivation or determination. You need to find some verve and excitement to spice up your life.

Drawbridge  No comments yet

To dream about a drawbridge suggest security. You can sense that a circumstance is infiltrating your life too much. You could also be setting boundaries with certain relationships.

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