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Incompetent  No comments yet

To dream that you are incompetent reflects intense uncertainty in your life.
To dream that someone else is incompetent reflects intense frustration. Alternatively, the incompetent person may represent a particular side of yourself or an aspect of your personality which you fear is keeping you from success.

Martial Arts  No comments yet

To perform martial arts in a dream represents self-control, balance and discipline.
To dream of being attacked by a martial arts master indicates you have doubts about your own ability to exercise self-discipline. You are beating yourself up over imagined weakness in your character.

Parkour  No comments yet

To dream that you are doing parkour indicates that you feel capable and strong. You are nimble and can achieve your goals by working with your strengths and taking your own path.
To see someone perform parkour in a dream represents your desire to be as capable as that person.
Alternatively, you may feel intimidated or inadequate in comparison to others.

Gas Chamber  No comments yet

To dream of seeing yourself in a gas chamber indicates you are feeling trapped in your life or feel you are in a negative situation that is important to leave or get away from it.

Bounty Hunter  No comments yet

If your dream features a bounty hunter coming after you, consider what reason possibly could there be in your waking life that someone wants to find out about you or investigate you. For instance, you might have taken off from a place of meeting without saying anything, making yourself look suspicious, or you had been running away from someone or something. A bounty hunter chasing you in a dream is a symbol of fear that you're feeling of getting objectified or treated unequally.
If you are the bounty hunter, this symbolizes a desire for more adventure and risks in your life.