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To dream of a keyboard may be suggesting that too much energy is being put into the internet at this time.

A dream of great joy in direct relation to a keyboard could mean that there is benefit to be found in a career connected to words or writing.

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To dream that you are playing a piano expresses your desire and yearning for a harmonious life.
Where the piano is located hints at the part of your life that needs to be tuned.

To hear the sound of the piano in your dream suggests accord. You are content with the results in your life.

To dream of an out-of-tune piano denotes some difficulties in life. You need to focus on your problems. You need to mend broken relationships and devote more time to your family obligations, relationships, and tasks

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To dream that you are playing a video game is an indication that you have the singular ability to make those around you do things for you, even if they do not wish to. Conversely, it may mean that there is a problem or situation in your waking life that you are attempting to avoid. You may be looking for a way out. It may be interesting to note the type of game you are playing. Does it have any special meaning?

To dream that you are a character within a video game indicates your belief that someone in your waking life is pulling your strings. Because of this, you feel out of control.

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