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Job  3 commented on this dream

To dream that you are looking for a job suggests that you are unhappy and frustrated with what is currently happening in your life.

To dream about your current job means that you are content and highly satisfied with how things are going in your life. This may also mean urgency in finishing a task or project.

To dream that you lost your job denotes fear, uncertainty, and great anxiety in your waking life.

Employment  No comments yet

To dream about losing employment suggests that you are not anxious about the prospect of losing work since you know your assets are worthy.

To dream that you are employing others indicates that you may lose something.

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To dream of your work office suggests difficulty in leaving your work. This may represent the possibility of being preoccupied with work and having too much office work to accomplish. It may also stand for your position, achievements, and status in society.

A dream about holding public office indicates that your desires may direct you to a perilous course, but your bravery will be rewarded with victory.

Pursuit  No comments yet

To dream that someone or something is in pursuit of you symbolizes your stance of running away from truths presented from other people.

To dream that you are in pursuit of someone or something suggests that you are chasing after authority and full control, which has eluded you thus far. You need to reassess your strengths and focus your attention on more worthwhile causes.

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To dream of hearing a racket symbolizes frustrations over unmet expectations from a supposedly pleasurable experience.

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To dream that you are trading indicates a lack of differentiation and edge in business.

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To dream that you are unemployed signifies your own lack of stimulation or self-significance. You may be feeling that your life is going nowhere.

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To dream that you are running errands suggests balance, decent relationships, and acceptance in your immediate circle.

To dream that you are sending someone on an errand suggests that your companion will leave because you act as though you just do not care.

Deception  1 commented on this dream

To dream of deception suggests a lack of trust surrounding someone in your waking life. Deceiving somebody in your dream clearly indicates personal insecurity and a fear of being harmed. To be deceived by someone shows that you may have been in denial about a relationship and now is the time to be more honest. This will point your life in a positive direction.

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