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To dream of your husband indicates your feelings for and relationship with him.

To dream of having a husband when you are single points to relationships in general. Most girls look for their father's personality or traits while choosing their life partners. Those traits often represent the male side of a girl's character. All this is represented when a girl dreams of a husband with all those traits she admires or dreads.

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To dream about your father-in-law indicates happy times with companions and those in your family.

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To dream of your mother-in-law portends that a relationship will be restored after some misunderstanding.

To dream that you are in a dispute with your mother-in-law means that arrogant and insensitive persons around you will cause you severe disappointment.

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To dream of your sister-in-law symbolizes attributes that the both of you may have in common. Also, contemplate the bond that you both share. If you are arguing with your sister-in-law, it may imply that you refuse to accept that you both have certain aspects or attributes in common.

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To dream of an uncle signifies your family qualities and birthrights. Seeing an uncle in your dream may also represent a rising alertness and new ideas.

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To dream of yourself as a widow symbolizes loneliness. Consider why you may be feeling abandoned or isolated.

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To dream that you fail to receive a dowry suggests that you will be required to extend every effort in life and deal with a lot of the harsh aspects of business. You may also believe that you will exist without money.

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To dream of a lover represents recognition, self-worth, and acknowledgment of your true character. It may suggest a merging of both your feminine and masculine attributes. You are fulfilled and secure with the person that you are.

To dream of a former lover indicates that you have hang ups and loose ends relating to that specific relationship. Your present relationship may be indicating possible recurrence of those same issues.

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A dream about an in-law represents scrutiny and insecurity in regards to new responsibilities. You may have recently experienced a promotion but be having conflict with your boss. This person has strong influence upon your life and you may feel the problems someone is causing you for an unexpected downside of a greater reward.
Alternatively, to dream of your in-law symbolizes an evolving working relationship. The dream may also be a hint to strictly adhere to the rules and be mindful of your actions.

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