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Hugging  3 commented on this dream

Hugging is one of the most common signs of love and affection. To dream of hugging a person can reflect your desire for love and affection.

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To dream that you are embracing your lover warns of arguments, misunderstandings, or a differing of opinion due to a lack of faithfulness.

To dream that you embrace a stranger indicates that an unwanted person will visit.

To dream about embracing family suggests that they may become ill or they are not satisfied.

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To dream of a secret symbolizes strength that you have buried deep within yourself. It implies that you need to release feelings or emotions that have been concealed for too long.

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To dream that someone or something is bigger than normal implies that you think highly of yourself or others. Perhaps you wish to express yourself more assertively.
To see a big figure in your dream symbolizes control and strong influences.

Dragon  No comments yet

To dream about a dragon suggests that you allow your desires and emotions get the best of you. You could find yourself in a difficult situation due to this aspect of yourself. Use some common sense and self-control.

In Eastern cultures, dragons are viewed as creatures representing luck and fortune.

To dream that you are a dragon and that you are breathing fire indicates that you are allowing your negative emotions to dictate how you get things done.

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To dream about a giant indicates a battle between you and your foes. This could end up being a difficult challenge to endure. This dream could also signify that some emotional element is overpowering you.

To dream that you turn into a giant represents that you feel unworthy or inferior.

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To dream about Godzilla suggests that you have a sense that you are not in command of your life and that a situation is starting to get away from you.

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