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To dream about being a thief indicates worry that something will be lost. It's possible that you believe that you aren't entitled to what you now own. On the other hand, it could mean that you are going overboard in some way.

To dream about seeing a theft signals that other people are usurping your spirit and vigor.

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To dream that you live in a trailer home suggests that you feel unimportant and worthless. On one hand, it may mean that you can take on any challenge and are able to adapt to any situation or circumstance that you are hurled into.

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To dream that you are in a village is indicative of the boundaries placed on your waking life. It may also indicate that while you maintain balance and harmony in your life, your pursuits and interests are unsophisticated and unrefined. The village has long represented tradition and the simple way of life.

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To dream of a washing machine indicates the importance of taking careful inventory of your past problems. One or more of them may not be resolved. Take action to clear them up so that you may move forward.

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To dream of a well-kept and neat yard is a reflection of your ability to organize and maintain the many different aspects of your life, such as family and work obligations.

To see an unkept and messy yard is a reflection that there are aspects of your waking life that are currently out of control.

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To dream of holding or attending a yard sale symbolizes the cycle in which you use the lessons and skills from past experiences in your present life. You have learned your lessons' from the past and are using those experiences to provide yourself with a full and productive life.

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To dream about your old address, you may have to assimilate your past. If your dream is about a new address, you may need to make a change.

To dream that you're writing an address on an envelope, you may have to investigate some new opportunities. Before deciding on action, analyze your options with care.

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To dream that you are at an asylum foretells misfortune and disappointment. Your emotional health will be affected in a negative way.

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To dream that you are in front of an audience indicates that your thoughts and behavior are being closely scrutinized. It may also represent anxieties and apprehensions that you hold about displaying your innermost emotions to others.

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To dream about a bakery is a sign of affluence and achievement, as well as very prosperous days to come.