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To dream that you are a hostage indicates being trapped in situations or relationships that make you feel completely helpless. It often results from being torn between your expression of love and fear of being taken for granted.

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To dream of being kidnapped symbolizes that you feel your freedom is being threatened. You need to remain calm and focused on your goals, despite someone attempting to deter or distract you.

A dream in which someone you know is kidnapped indicates that the person possesses qualities that you are choosing not to display yourself.

Kidnapping another person in a dream denotes that you are unfairly and forcibly holding on to something in your life. This may be as simple as your observations or outlooks.

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To dream of being held captive by somebody indicates a psychic imbalance that may be causing emotional powerlessness. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses may help in a current crisis. Dreaming of holding another captive is a reminder from your unconscious that you have no true control over others and letting go feels better for everyone.

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