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To dream of hooks indicates attachment, catching things, or being caught. This can be particularly true if you have been deceitful and dishonest. Alternatively, it indicates your attempt to get materialistic things due to a feeling of deprivation.

To dream of catching something with a hook indicates your need to understand yourself better. Unearth your talents and learn more about your personality. Finally, issues of love and intimacy are often indicated by this dream.

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The hookah refers to relaxation in some cultures. To dream of smoking or seeing a hookah suggests that your worries will blow away.

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*Please See Prostitute.

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To dream of having your nails polished could represent your desire for style and charisma. If the nail snaps, you may be attempting to stay away from a situation or duty.

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To dream of a sickle represents your efforts and determination. It is symbolic of your labor and hard work. The symbol may also be a clever word play on 'sicko.'

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To dream you have an addiction, a person may attempt to gain control over you or a situation could overcome you. The dream could also indicate that you have trouble connecting to your immediate environment.

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A dream in which you are boxing indicates that strife is churning inside you, and that you are not adequately expressing your feelings. You might not be living up to your potential.

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To dream of a hanger symbolizes the feeling that you are not ready for a certain situation, and that you need more motivation to reach a certain goal. It may also mean that you are hanging on to something.

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To dream of making out suggests a need for physical touch and connection.

A message of self-nurturing is held within this dream, and massage and/or immersing yourself in water can help gain the equilibrium needed to make the necessary emotional connection.

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To dream of a web link indicates a strong tie to technology. You may want to follow that link and strengthen your skills with computers. You may also be following a clue, to click on a link in a dream is to explore possibilities and search for answers.
Alternatively a dream about a link may represent a social connection. You may have strong ties to your network of family and friends, and one link in the chain may need assistance.

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