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Honesty and straightforwardness is always the way to go. On the contrary, secrets and conspiracies cause stress and confusion.

To dream of hiding indicates the safeguarding of a secret or escaping or postponing a confrontation. You might end up confessing when threatened.

If you dream that someone else is hiding, it states an urgent need for security and protection. Finally, hiding from authorities illustrates guilty feelings and shame.

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To dream that you are wearing a mask implies that you have said or done something that has been taken out of context. This has caused problems and disharmony with others. It may also mean that you are concealing yourself behind a facade and not allowing others to see who you really are.

To see others wearing a mask in your dream indicates that you will be forced to confront dishonesty, envy, and treachery.

To see others unmasked in your dream suggests that you have been unable to impress another person. Your efforts have failed.

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To dream of a secret symbolizes strength that you have buried deep within yourself. It implies that you need to release feelings or emotions that have been concealed for too long.

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To dream that you or others around you are ugly simply represents certain aspects in your life that repel and disgust you. These feelings of ugliness may be feelings that you have subdued or have discarded.

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To dream of a whip, often seen as an instrument of punishment, indicates far more. You may be in a physically or mentally abusive relationship. Something in your waking life may be causing you guilt or shame. Conversely, the whip may simply mean that you have lost control over your waking life and need to reassert yourself and your self-control.

To you dream that you are whipping an attacker is an indication that the trials and obstacles will be worth it once you realize your goals. Once you have passed them by, you will see great respect, honor, and wealth.

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To dream that you are ambushed indicates a hazard surrounding you. Your current circumstances have gone sour or you are being held from reaching your goal.

To dream that you are waiting in ambush means you will do anything to cheat your own friends.

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To see an amethyst in your dream indicates that you are pleased with the aspects of your life pertaining to finances and your personal happiness. You don't require many material possessions to be satisfied. What you own is enough to keep you comfortable throughout your life.

To dream that you lose an amethyst is a warning that you will face failures when it comes to relationships and matrimony.

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To dream that you are at an asylum foretells misfortune and disappointment. Your emotional health will be affected in a negative way.

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To dream that you are avoiding a person indicates that you possess some attribute or personality trait that you do not want to admit. Pay attention to the features of this person, and determine how they relate to your own features. This will help you to understand what trait you are trying to evade. This dream may also be a play on 'a void'. Perhaps there is an aspect or part of your life that feels empty or lonely.

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To dream that you have been beaten shows that you must make some major alterations in how you live your life.

To dream that someone else has been beaten indicates an imbalance in your existence.

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To dream that you are chewing something implies that there is an issue or situation that you need to ponder thoroughly. You may need to organize your thoughts regarding a certain concern so that the correct solution is clear.