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A hawk is known for its unique skill in hunting prey. It is often observed to be roaming in the sky as if preparing for a strategic attack.

To dream of a hawk points to suspicions directed at you. Be more careful in your dealings.

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To dream about an eagle suggests aristocracy, dignity, honor, elevated status, freedom, and great wisdom. Eagles also suggest rebirth of the self. You will make every effort to reach your dreams.

To dream of a chained eagle suggests that there is some tough circumstance that is causing you to feel as though you are imprisoned. You can't show the person you really are. Look at what is holding the eagle down and this may give you some indication of what could be keeping you back.

To dream of a nest of young eagles represents your climb up a social network.

To dream about killing an eagle suggests that you are merciless. You will allow nothing to keep you from your goals regardless of the consequences. If someone else kills an eagle in your dream then everything you've worked so hard for could be mercilessly ripped away from you.

To dream that you're eating the flesh of an eagle indicates that you have strength and integrity. This will bring you success, prosperity, and impact.

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To dream that you are flying a kite indicates that you are well-grounded despite your high aspirations and goals in life. You will reap the benefits of your hard work and determination regardless of the challenges faced in your current task. On the other hand, to dream of a kite may also epitomize your spiritual or innocent consciousness.

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