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To dream of being assassinated indicates a situation that has no optimism or chance of success and requires your instant consideration and effort.

To dream that you've witnessed an assassination means that you must pay closer attention to small details. The seemingly inconsequential things are typically important.

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To dream that you are traveling in an automobile means that even when things are going well, you won't always be comfortable.

To dream about nearly being hit by a car signals that you can best your competitors.

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To see an axe in your dream implies that you enjoy holding power over others. It represents negative emotions such as aggravation, aggression, and disappointment. It is possible that you have the desire to confront someone over an unresolved issue.

To dream that you are chopping wood in your dream indicates that you should dissect your challenges so that they don't seem so overwhelming. Problems may be easier to solve if they are separated into more manageable obstacles. It may also represent a reduction in your ability to dominate and manipulate others.

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To dream about seeing or wearing a bonnet symbolizes cloistered and quaint thoughts and beliefs. Your stubborn mindset is hampering plans for the future.

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*Please See Incubator.

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To dream of an incubator hints that you require some stability and tranquility in your life. Alternatively, it represents your fresh and innovative ideas, as well as growth and development.

To dream that you are in an incubator indicates that you are handling your situation prematurely. It may also indicate your attempts to avoid real life trouble, responsibility, and obligations.

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To dream of a yarmulke or Kippah indicates certain knowledge that you are connected to a spiritual presence that is guiding you at this time in your waking life.

To dream that you have misplaced your yarmulke or find yourself walking without one on your head implies that you are safe in your faith and don't need to rely on external representations to prove it.

To dream of feeling vulnerable or frightened at the loss of your yarmulke is an unconscious suggestion to have more faith in the truth as you know it.

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To dream of driving a Jeep indicates a willingness to take a risky shortcut in order to cover all bases in a current situation.

Driving with another over rocky terrain suggests a possible meeting with a determined person. There is an unconscious message to keep your focus in a current situation and to be wary of getting too far ahead of yourself.