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To dream that you have goosebumps suggests that there is some sincerity and validity in something you were just told. This dream could also represent anxiety or your detached emotional manner.

Indigo  No comments yet

To dream of the color indigo indicates your tendency to betray your friends for personal gain.

Unibrow  No comments yet

To dream of a unibrow indicates an unusual connection may soon be made in your waking life. Note the person sporting this interesting look as this will give you clues as to who you may need to pay attention to in the future.

Barber's Pole  No comments yet

To dream of a barber's pole indicates a lack of emotional strength and the desire for great change in your waking life. To dream of a spinning pole implies that you need to draw upon advice given long ago in order to move you forward on your spiral of emotional growth.

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To dream of a barrette implies a self-containment that is quite attractive to others. Dreaming that you are holding a barrette suggests that you are about to behave in a controlled fashion that will bring a satisfactory result. To dream that you are watching a woman walk toward you with an elaborate barrette holding up her hair you may find that you will be enamored by a wise and graceful woman's words in the near future.

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In a dream a locket represents a hidden memory. This memory may have been treasured in the past and has recently been rediscovered.
To open a locket in a dream is to rediscover something of value which you had lost, such as a connection to a family member or friend.

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To have an itchy scalp in a dream symbolizes that there is something you need to say.
To dream that someone is scalped indicates a strong release of pent up emotion.
To take the scalp of someone else in a dream is to steal their sense of self.

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To vex or be vexed in a dream symbolizes conflict. You are likely struggling with problems that are causing you such great stress that you are unable to relax while you are asleep.

Gel  No comments yet

To use hair gel in your dream represents the need for social lubricant in the way of carefully considered tact.

Barber  No comments yet

Dreaming of a barber means you should make some dramatic changes in your life. This represents your subconscious mind trying to tell you that someone or something in your life isn't working out for you.
Alternatively, a barber in your dream is an indication that you're not satisfied with part of your appearance.