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To dream about becoming bald is indicative of inadequate personal confidence as well as concerns about aging. Being bald also signifies integrity, demureness and selflessness. It means that you have no fear of displaying your true character.

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To dream about a long beard is symbolic of the wisdom that comes with age.

If a woman dreams that she has a beard, it represents her desire to be more manly and powerful.

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*Please see Salon.

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To dream about blow-drying your hair signifies that you are cleansing your mind and brainstorming new concepts. It also could represent a pun about something that 'blows your mind.'

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To dream that your hair is in braids indicates that you are a very organized, meticulous, and practical person. It represents your persistence, drive, and resolve.

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To dream of seeing or being a brunette is an indication that you should be more honest and direct. It might also represent your steamy sexuality.

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To dream about a bumblebee means consternation and trouble is on the way.

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To dream of a coat indicates that you feel a need for security and concealment. You are attempting to distance yourself from others. The color, appearance, and type of coat may also hold significant meaning.

To dream that a coat is old, worn, or shabby, implies that you are in a state of depression or are harboring negative emotions.

To see or wear a fur coat in your dream represents wealth, success, and extravagance.

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To dream of eyelashes or growing eyelashes suggests that you are attempting to show your emotions in a secretive manner. This dream can also indicate good fortune.

To dream that your eyelashes fall off suggests that you have trouble showing what's on your mind. This could be indicative of losing your feminine strength. If you only lose one eyelash, then this also foretells of good fortune.

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To dream of ghosts typically represents the parts of you that cause you fear. This could deal with some difficult memory or repressed feelings. You could fear death or of dying. Ghosts in dreams can also signify something that you realize you cannot attain anymore, such as a dream that has died. It suggests that you feel cutoff from society in some way. This dream could be urging you to reevaluate the way you think and behave in order to move ahead in life.

To dream that you try to touch a ghost that vanishes suggests that you are working toward dealing with emotions or ideas that you've kept buried, even though you may not be ready to completely address them.

To dream about the ghost of a living relative indicates that someone may try to cause you harm.

To dream of the ghost of a dead friend or relative indicates that you have some shame about a relationship with that dead friend or relative.