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To dream of a hag suggests the 'Wise Old Woman' persona and indicates support. On the contrary, this dream could indicate a mother who is overbearing and consuming.

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To dream of a haggard face indicates that you are becoming tired of a certain circumstance. If your own face is haggard, then this could be a warning that you will come down with a sudden sickness. Looking haggard can also be telling that you are currently dealing with an enormous pressure.

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To dream of finding a hagstone indicates a charmed or lucky person. Holding a hagstone in your hands suggests a great deal of power is currently at your disposal. To dream of throwing a hagstone is a message to think positively as you may lack of personal empowerment. Literally, to dream of a seeing a hagstone in the distance may be indicating that it is time to get your eyes checked. To find a hagstone in water indicates the power to recover from a recent emotional trauma. On the whole a hagstone in a dream is a fortunate omen.

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To dream of a witch symbolizes dangerous female forces that are evil and destructive. It may also represent your negative feelings and ideas about all things female or your past experiences with women. Conversely, the witch is a symbol of power, enchantment, and goodness.

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To dream of an enchantress represents the female ability to persuade, seduce, or convince.

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To dream of seeing yourself as overly pale may indicate a situation or relationship that is leaving you feeling emotionally drained. Alternatively, it could be a physical reminder to make sure you are getting enough iron in your diet.

When another person is looking too pale, it may be that an aspect of yourself isn't being expressed adequately.

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The harpy represents an attacking female in a dream. In Greek mythology, the harpy's large claws swoop in and snatch away life sustaining food. A woman in your life may be tormenting you by attacking your emotional core. You feel exhausted by repeated small attacks which are slowly draining you.

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