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To dream that you are chewing gum implies that you are having difficulties communicating your feelings and emotions. It may also represent a difficult issue that you are dealing with.

To dream that you are unable to get rid of your gum indicates that you are uncertain of how to handle a certain situation. You don't comprehend an issue or circumstance or you are feeling pressured by someone or something.

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To dream of rubber represents your ability to readily adapt to ever-changing situations.

To dream of hitting someone with a rubber object signifies that what you are doing does not make much impact on others.

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To dream about glue suggests that you have concern or anxiety about being stuck in a situation. This could be a fear of getting involved in a deep relationship, or simply a matter of not trusting people in your life.

To dream that you are gluing something together indicates that you are accepting the existence of unfavorable traits within yourself.

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To dream of dental floss indicates that the time is right to address some responsibility issues in your waking life. People may be surprised and defensive by overly expressing for themselves instead of remaining quiet. Stick with it, as you will emerge true to yourself.

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In a dream, the teeth symbolize our connection to society. Our smiles are what make first impressions with our friends, coworkers and strangers. To have teeth which are dirty, stained, cracked or broken in a dream represent problems making connections with people. You may be worried that the people you meet do not truly know you, are getting the wrong impression, or can only see you for your flaws.

Your teeth in a dream may also represent your ability to care for yourself. Brushing our teeth is a daily task which shows the respect we have for ourselves and the care that we take in public presentation. A dream in which you brush your teeth indicates that you might need to take control of yourself, your public image or your situation and gain confidence. A dream in which your teeth are falling out symbolizes an inability to care for the small responsibilities you have while you are awake. You might be worried that you cannot handle many tasks which have accumulated at work or at home.

Dreams about teeth also very commonly occur when you are having tooth or mouth pain in reality. You may already have noticed a pain while you are awake, and this pain has continued while you are asleep and had a strong influence over your dreams. If you have not noticed a pain while you are awake, you might be grinding your teeth while you sleep, causing some discomfort. A dream in which you hear loud grinding industrial noises might be a result of this problem.

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A dream about gnawing at something indicates things in life that take time to reach your goal requiring persistent effort for a long time. It appears exhausting and takes a lot of tries to achieve it but it may turn out to be the biggest thing you've ever accomplished and something to be proud of through rest of your life.

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A dream about flossing your teeth suggests that you are either trying to solve an issue or deal with it. It is about preparation for something that is concerning and bothering you.

**Please See Dental Floss.

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Chewing bubblegum in a dream represents either a childhood innocence or an adult anxiety. For instance, chewing gum either shows that you are innocent, have no guilt toward any given situation, or it displays a concerned and jittery state, particularly when you are chewing fast and vigorously.
Stepping on gum in a dream represents a minor setback you have experienced in waking life.

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