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Guitar  1 commented on this dream

To dream that you have or play a guitar symbolizes intense and strong feelings. It may be suggesting issues related to sex and carnal fantasies.

To see an unstrung or broken guitar represents a shattered or dissolved relationship.

Electric Guitar  No comments yet

To dream about playing an electric guitar indicates the potential and energy of your dreams. You are able to display your emotions to others. This dream can also represent youthful revolt.

Banjo  No comments yet

To dream about playing the banjo represents how much you will enjoy being with people you care about.

To dream that someone else is playing the banjo indicates a coming adventure in which you will find fresh and exciting romance.

Dulcimer  No comments yet

To dream about a dulcimer represents your relaxed thoughts. You believe that your ambitions and hopes will come to fruition.

Zither  No comments yet

To dream of a zither indicates that there is a creative but simple solution to a current problem.

Dreaming that you are playing the instrument to a rapt audience implies that you will discover the solution very soon and that the outcome will be rewarding and satisfying.

Someone else making the music in your dream suggests that you may have to wait awhile for the answer to your problem to become clear.

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