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To dream of a handshake indicates a feeling of content and recognition from yourself and others.

Dreaming of shaking hands with a celebrity shows recognition and regard from well-known people, while shaking hands with normal people might mean reaching a new decision or agreement and acknowledging its existence in your life. To dream of a handshake might also mean a resolution to a certain issue or problem.

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To dream of a cable car is alerting you to a precarious situation in your waking life. A cable car in a dream suggests a risk taken and a sense of anxiety as you await the outcome.
Dreaming of being alone in the cable car can mean that you were unconsciously secure in a recent decision.
Dreaming of a cable car full of people indicates the need for support whilst you await some important news.
A moving cable car in your dream implies that things will turn out okay and that there is little need for anxiety at all.

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To dream of a spiral implies that you are losing your grip on an issue or circumstance in your life. It is developing into a major problem. It may also represent your imagination and artistic nature.

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To dream of a handle indicates that you are in the driver's seat of a current circumstance. This dream could also represent that you have control of the circumstance. If the handle is broken within your dream, then you need to get a grip on the person you have become. For this you may need to pool your inner resources.

Thumb  1 commented on this dream

To dream about a thumb tells you that you must 'get a grip' on life. It represents strength and talent.

To dream about not having thumbs symbolizes being poor and friendless.

A dream in which you have a huge thumb foretells a quick succession of accomplishments.

To dream about a lengthy nail on your thumb means that you are yielding to the temptation of immoral things.

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