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To dream of green represents beneficial change, positive well-being, maturity, productivity, healing, hope, and peace. Green also represents your desire to earn respect and to gain your freedom. Money, prosperity, and envy are also represented by this color.

Dark green represents consumerism, greed, dishonesty, deception, and selfishness. You should find common ground between your masculine and feminine sides.

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To dream that you see a greenhouse indicates change. You are going through some changes that are a result of your own behaviors. This dream may also represent that you are acting too domineering. You want things to be completed your way, but you could be giving up your self-respect.

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To dream of acceptance could reveal issues of self-esteem and whether you're living up to the assumptions of others. During a dream in which you're awake, you may seek favorable reception from others.

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To dream about an emerald suggests vigor and long life. You could be forging into the aspects of a healing process.

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To dream that you are looking for an oasis represents your innermost fears and anxieties. Dreaming of an oasis may likewise symbolize overpowering circumstances.

To dream of relaxing at an oasis represents triumph in business and money matters, or the need for a vacation.

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To dream of plants suggests productivity, spiritual nurture, improvement, or growth. A dream involving plants may be a trajectory of your thoughtful and affectionate nature.

In particular, indoor plants hint of life hurdles that may be inhibiting your growth potential. You are not poised to execute your daily undertakings with absolute independence.

Dreaming of plants may likewise suggest a fervent wish to be closer to nature.

If you are alienated from your children, then the plants can be seen as a symbol for your estranged children.

Praying Mantis  1 commented on this dream

To dream of a praying mantis suggests that you are currently in a critical relationship. The dream likewise portrays your intent to victimize other people or exhibit a destructive behavior.

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To dream of turquoise signifies wealth and success. It is believed that topaz wards off evil spirits and ill intentions. Also this gem possesses healing energy and acts as a unifying agent between the spirits of earth and air.

As a color, turquoise is symbolic of cleansing and healing. It is often associated with the sun, fire, and the male psyche.

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To dream of a watermelon symbolizes your inner passion. You attack life with a furious passion. You love greatly, desire deeply, and lust for life of things around you. Pregnant or menstruating women often dream of the watermelon, or other such large fruits. Alternatively, the watermelon is a symbol for fun summer times. You are relaxed and at ease.

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To dream of young people indicates that you can stop worrying; you will have a fresh approach and outlook on life soon. It may further symbolize some younger aspect of your own self. If you dream of being young once again, this represents failed attempts to correct past errors or opportunities you have lost.

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To dream about an agreement symbolizes the solution to a predicament or dilemma. It means that your subconscious mind is operating hand-in-hand with your conscious mind.

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To dream that you are an apprentice indicates that your hard work will help you achieve desired social status and importance.