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A license in a dream represents permission from yourself. You may have given yourself license to follow a path in which before you were unsure about. To receive a license in a dream indicates an increased self-confidence and a sense of power.

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To eat raw food in a dream represents raw emotions. You may be ready to accept your wilder desires.

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Vegetation which obscures your view in a dream represents a barrier. These barriers may be obstacles to your success or barriers which you have erected to keep people away from your inner thoughts, desires, or memories.

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The presence of algae in your dream is symbolic of your past experiences, particularly reminiscent thoughts of childhood or desire to return to a simpler ways or times.

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Dreaming of approval can mean several things, and it is important to recognize whether the approval is sought, gained or offered.
A dream in which you are seeking approval may indicate a lack of self-confidence and ambition. Set high standards for yourself and try not to be too concerned about what others may think.
A dream in which you gain approval symbolizes the attainment of a long-held goal. Celebrate your achievement, but be wary of becoming complacent and resting on your laurels.
Offering your approval in a dream indicates you have a strong sense of self-worth. You believe your opinions matter and you deserve the opportunity to share them with others. Don't forget to offer others the same privilege.

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Dreaming about aquamarine relates to your emotions. This is the color of water and it embodies the qualities of vigor, youth and hope. If you see slightly different shade of color, it is important to try to remember what kinds of feeling you were having in your dream and also about the color or whatever it was particular to that color.

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Seeing an avocado or holding one in a dream suggests that you are holding back from increasing your prosperity. Avocados are a rich source of nutrients, however seeing the whole fruit indicates that there is something holding you back from gaining more good fortunes. A halved avocado would indicate that you are taking the right steps towards prosperity although you are not quite there yet. You have doubts which may continue holding you back if you let them.

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Dreaming of a bell pepper is your subconscious mind telling you to add a little bit of spice into your life. Your mind is instructing you to add a bit of flair and variety to your waking life. Furthermore, if the bell pepper is paired with an object or being held by a person, consider spicing up your relationship, or actions with the object or person. For instance, if a bell pepper appears on a book, your subconscious mind is telling you to mix up your reading habits by reading a book that is totally new and fresh to you.
If the bell pepper is being held or prepared by your significant other, it is hinting you to spice up your romantic life or try something special for that person.

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If you dream of a bloodstone, consider what it means to you personally. For instance, does someone you know wear a piece of bloodstone jewelry? Or maybe you encountered a bloodstone on a trip somewhere. If a bloodstone means something to you or reminds you of something, your subconscious is simply trying to awaken memories of that instance or person. If bloodstones do not have any meaning to you, then they suggest uncovering the truth or exploring nature.