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To dream of a lens denotes a need for you to be more observant and vigilant of your surroundings. You need to identify situations you have neglected and focus your energy on attending to them.

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**Please see Aquarium.

Optometrist  1 commented on this dream

To dream of visiting the optometrist implies a necessity to keep your eyes wide open at this time in your life. You may have been letting someone fool you for too long; you may have known this, but have not had the courage or information to speak up. A dream such as this indicates that there is enough courage and life energy available to you to make some necessary changes in your life.

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To dream of a casserole indicates the forming of a wonderful, life sustaining idea. To dream that you are removing the casserole from the oven is a further indication that the idea is about to make itself clear and there may be great benefit if you put this idea into action as soon as possible.

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To dream of watching a lava lamp indicates a desire for serenity and guidance. You may feel a need for direction in your life and are searching for a path.
Alternatively you may feel caught in a path which is circular, repeating itself again and again.
To dream of a broken lava lamp symbolizes your escape from a path which had been leading nowhere.

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In a dream about neon light represents emphasis. This light will surround or form another symbol which your mind has designated very important, like a highlight in a book.

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If you're involved in a field of science or work in a laboratory, a beaker means you're focused and passionate about your work, study or scientific endeavors. Your mind is simply mirroring and reflecting in your dream, either out of habit or because you truly enjoy the stuff you are doing.
If you have no relation to any aforementioned type careers, try to remember what the beaker contained. Is it something good or bad? If it contained (you were concocting) something good, it may be a symbol of something positive and productive brewing in your life. If it is of something bad, you may be searching for a way to unload unwanted things or possibly leave someone in your life.