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To dream of garbage bags may indicate a guilty mind inclined to point the finger at rather than recognize your personal responsibility for the events in your life. Garbage bags that are securely closed suggest control over yourself and your mouth with the desire to eradicate 'blaming' thinking. To dream of garbage spilling all over the ground indicates a mind that is out of control, blames others and is in need of an ego check. Wading through garbage in a dream may be your unconscious mind pushing you to clean up your act. Taking heed of this message may lead to true forgiveness and unexpected friendship.

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To dream of a garbage can indicates the importance of letting a guilty thought go. A garbage can with an open lid is reminding you that you are safe to release the guilt about a significant situation in your waking life. To dream of throwing something into a garbage can likely indicates that your healing is already taking place and you are moving into a healthier emotional mind space.

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To dream of a garbage truck rumbling in the distance implies an unconscious fear of releasing an old habit or thought that does not serve you. A garbage truck idling outside your home or emptying your bins suggests that it is imperative that you give up an unhealthy habit as your health may become adversely affected.

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To dream of an idle janitor implies drawbacks in your business dealings.
To see a busy janitor means good news in the future.

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To dream that you are eating tripe portends that you will soon feel disillusioned and disappointed.

To see tripe in your dream signifies disease and misfortune in your waking life.

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To dream that you are in a junkyard symbolizes repressed panic, frustration, and rage. Dreaming of a junkyard may also represent your attitudes, old habits, and former notions which you have already pushed aside.

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To dream of waste indicates a movement away from the norm in your life. Your life as you have been living it may not be very fulfilling to you at this time, so much of your energy and true self is being laid to waste.

To utilize yourself to the fullest, a drastic emotional or physical change may be necessary. Note the type of waste - garden waste, human waste, food waste, etc. Each refers to an aspect of self that is being left behind. Do you need to make drastic changes to diet, living conditions, or your relationships?

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