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To dream that you are at the fair indicates that you have dealt with some troublesome issues and are anxious to get moving again with new vigor.

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To dream about a fairy represents that you are reluctant to as for guidance regarding some issue or choice you must make. If the fairy is evil, then you need to release some buried aspect of yourself. The fairy represents your spirit as well as the feminine attributes about yourself.

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To dream of your own funeral represents some circumstance that you've been dealing with. You could be trying to bury some emotions or aspects about yourself, but your dream is telling you to pay attention to them. You could be hiding from a situation and hoping that it passes. If you are close to death, then a funeral could indicate your fears and concerns about your own demise.

To dream that you are attending someone else's funeral suggests that you are putting a past relationship where it belongs: in the past. You may be releasing negative emotions you've kept for so long. If the funeral is for an unknown person, then your dream is telling you to set aside some part of your past so that a new experience or person can enter. You should think about what aspect of your life you should part with.

To dream about your living parent's funeral indicates that you need to break free of your parents' control. This dream could offer you the strength and confidence needed to gain your own freedom and independence.

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To dream that you are a character in a fairy tale indicates that you require someone to save or seduce you. You are testing your boundaries and attempting to live up to your abilities.

To dream that you are reading a fairy tale suggests that you are tender at heart.

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To dream of your bed symbolizes a realization of your sexual needs and desires. You are becoming aware of your needs. If you are sleeping in your own bed then it implies that you feel comfortable and at ease. You are seeking happiness and solace in your home life. If you are waking up in different and/or unknown beds then it symbolizes the end results of your choices.

To dream that you are searching for a bed signifies your struggles to accept your inner sexuality. You are bothered by restrictions and limitations that you feel have been placed on you. It may also imply that you seek comfort and bliss at home.

To dream that you are going to bed with a stranger implies that you are too trusting and accepting of others. You need to slow down and scrutinize people before allowing them access to your inner feelings.

To dream that you are floating or lifting up into the air from your bed indicates your feelings of isolation and loneliness. Perhaps your character is too forward and intense for others to handle. You should relax a bit and try not to be too pushy with your beliefs and attitudes.

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To dream of an old horse or a 'nag' indicates a winding down of an idea or project and suggests humility and acceptance at this time.

A nag trying to keep up with other horses in a dream implies an inability to let go of a project but cautions you to release any expectations for your own happiness.

To dream of a person nagging you suggests that you may be trying to ignore that little voice inside that is trying to steer you in the appropriate direction. There is a reminder to stop and listen as you have the answer and you deserve to be heard.

To dream of nagging another person may indicate a personal frustration with an unconscious hint to relax and step away from a current bothersome situation.

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To dream that you are hunting, shooting, or killing game symbolizes the 'game of life.' This dream may also signify that you are capable of keeping your innate instincts under control.

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To dream of a play suggests the role you want to play in real life.

To dream you are playing indicates an inclination to break social taboos. Your creativity knows no barriers.

Alternatively, it may suggest too much focus on work.

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To dream of driving a Jeep indicates a willingness to take a risky shortcut in order to cover all bases in a current situation.

Driving with another over rocky terrain suggests a possible meeting with a determined person. There is an unconscious message to keep your focus in a current situation and to be wary of getting too far ahead of yourself.

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To dream of a deli may indicate a movement toward the fulfillment of an exciting ambition. A great selection of money-making ideas may be about to become available and ready to put into action. To dream of owning a deli ensures success.

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To dream of a kick represents a release of pent up energy. This energy may be used for good, such as kicking a winning goal. If you focus your skill and plan ahead you will meet success. Your energy may also be dangerous, such as kicking in anger. It is important to recognize the type of energy which you are holding back and determine the best way to control and focus this energy toward a beneficial path.

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To dream that you are playing games represents your competitive nature and tranquility. It could also refer to the regulations you set for yourself.

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To see a blond person in your dream implies that you are taking life too seriously. You need to be more spontaneous and seek more entertainment. Do something strictly for your own pleasure.
To dream that you dye your hair blond is a direct implication that you should be more relaxed and laid-back.

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To dream of ivory signifies chastity, strength of character, and longevity.