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To dream of feeling warmth is an indication of a renewed burst of energy for an old project. An idea you may have thought you had put aside forever may be bought into the open again.

Dreaming of someone feeling warm to you may be suggesting that another person has the solution to a current thought or question. Note the person or things in the dream for further clues.

To dream of feeling too warm may be alerting you to the fact that you are uncomfortable about an issue in your waking life and need to take action quickly.

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To dream of being defriended indicates that you may have been in denial of a social anxiety that may be lurking within you. You may have been spending too much time on the computer making false connections and avoiding true intimacy. Dreaming that you are defriending another person is similar in that you may have been experiencing a false sense of power in the way you have been speaking to others online. Thus, you avoid taking any of the cyberspace connections to a more real level.

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To dream of an instant message may reveal an important detail about your inner self. The instant message could contain advice or a clue to your innermost desires. Alternatively, you may be too heavily occupied with gossip or chatter in your day to day life.