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Dental Floss  No comments yet

To dream of dental floss indicates that the time is right to address some responsibility issues in your waking life. People may be surprised and defensive by overly expressing for themselves instead of remaining quiet. Stick with it, as you will emerge true to yourself.

Earthworm  1 commented on this dream

To dream of an earthworm suggests the beginning of a creative project. An earthworm is indication of surplus energy that may now be put to productive use with fruitful results. A number of earthworms in a dream speak of creative collaborations. To dream of earthworms coming to the Earth's surface indicates that a break to refuel may be required before continuing a current project. Dreaming of eating earthworms or dried earthworms on the ground may indicate literal dehydration and probable emotional exhaustion.

Eating Contest  No comments yet

To dream of an eating contest may indicate a feeling of awkwardness and confusion in your waking life. Hunger to achieve may be leaving you feeling inadequate at this time. To dream of an eating contest suggests a need to re-evaluate your expectation to succeed. Slowing down may bring success more quickly in the long run.

Basting  No comments yet

To dream of basting may indicate a fear of allowing a situation in your life to unfold naturally just in case it doesn't. There is a suggestion of hard work and timing in a dream of basting but more importantly an acceptance that things have a natural timing that needs to be respected. It is possible that help you are trying to give may be being viewed as interference.

Casserole  No comments yet

To dream of a casserole indicates the forming of a wonderful, life sustaining idea. To dream that you are removing the casserole from the oven is a further indication that the idea is about to make itself clear and there may be great benefit if you put this idea into action as soon as possible.

Hash Browns  No comments yet

Hash browns in a dream may indicate that you are longing for home. To dream of eating hash browns represents a need for comfort. There may be emptiness in your life that you wish to fill. Eating too many hash browns in a dream indicates a fear of lack of control over oneself, or an inability to protect oneself from self harm.

Heimlich Maneuver  No comments yet

To dream that you require the Heimlich maneuver indicates that you are feeling helpless against a problem which you know could easily be solved with the help of a friend.
To dream that you performed a Heimlich means that one of your friends has a problem that you believe would be easy to solve.
To watch a Heimlich maneuver performed in a dream may indicate that you are feeling left out of a bonding experience between the people around you.

Leftovers  No comments yet

To dream of eating leftovers represents a desire to reconnect with family life. Leftovers often symbolize a connection to home and a closeness to one's childhood.
Alternatively a dream of leftovers may indicate a fear of losing status.

McDonalds  No comments yet

A dream of McDonald's may refer to the entire idea of fast. You might be speeding through life too fast.
Alternatively, you might be having problems with your diet. A dream of fast food may indicate that you are worried about not getting proper nutrition.

Paper Plates  No comments yet

In a dream, paper plates symbolize transience.
To see a pile of dirty paper plates in a dream represents empty nourishment. You may be exhausted and feeling like no one is able to help you.
Paper plates from a party in a dream represent other people's problems. You may be tired of picking up their mess.