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To dream of feeding birds with birdseed signifies that you are encouraging your inner characteristics to flourish. It may also imply that you are not being adequately compensated for your hard work.
To dream that you are spreading birdseed on the ground indicates that financial ventures will reap little rewards.

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Dreaming about a blender means that you are able to combine diverse thoughts into a cohesive unit.

Bread  1 commented on this dream

To dream about bread indicates the most primal requirements of life. This dream could represent the better aspects of knowledge you have gained along your path in life.
Seeing fresh bread is a good fortune and the more bread you see, the better life and prosperity lies ahead. However, if you dream of eating or seeing an old, dirty or staled bread, it means the opposite as you may be faced with hardships and difficulties financially or socially.
A dream of throwing away moldy bread means that success can be better achieved by doing something new instead of continue doing the same old.

Canteen  No comments yet

To dream of a canteen implies that you prefer to select simple methods of mental satisfaction rather than expending too much energy.

Carrot  1 commented on this dream

To dream of a carrot represents wealth and prosperity. It can also be a play on the phrase 'dangle a carrot.' Be wary about entering into a relationship or endeavor that seems too good to be true. Thoroughly research before you commit.

Cheese  2 commented on this dream

To dream of cheese is an indication that you may soon find yourself a recipient of substantial wealth, rewards, or benefits. You may be elevated to a higher social status or a higher level of importance.

Chickens  4 commented on this dream

To dream of chickens implies that someone in your life may be displaying weak or spineless behavior. Chickens are also indicative of mindless prattle and rumors. Be careful of what information you may pass on about others. It may be untrue and harmful to their reputation. Others may also be spreading tales about you.

Cooking  1 commented on this dream

To dream that you are cooking implies that you want to manipulate others into needing your help or your presence. You hope that others can look up to you for guidance and wisdom. It may also suggest that you long to take care for others and comfort them. You are seeking affection and closeness.

To dream that you have difficulties cooking means that you need to stop exerting so much energy getting people to accept you.

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To dream that you are on a diet signifies that you are disciplining yourself. You have the sensation that you are being held back from things you wish to do. It also suggests self-discipline. You are letting go of undertakings that are detrimental to you.

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To dream about dishes signifies thoughts, concerns, and notions. It could also represent a play on words, as in you're 'dishing' something out to others. If the dishes are not clean, then you don't have a promising or beneficial view of the future. You may have taken some aspects of your life for granted and failed to deal with your feelings.

If you dream that you are washing dishes indicates that you are failing to get past a situation and could miss the next opportunity that presents itself.

To dream about shelves of polished dishes signifies that you are making your best effort or are working on laying a good foundation with a new acquaintance or supervisor.

To dream of broken dishes indicates a sense of being insufficient. You could sense that you are not living up to what others expect of you.

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