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To dream that you swallow something suggests that you are reluctant to communicate your emotions. Perhaps you are harboring feelings of hostility, and you don't want to admit them.

To see a swallow in your dream represents revitalization and a new start.

Teeth  1 commented on this dream

To dream that your teeth are decayed or rotting foreshadows a threat to your health or your business relationships. Consider who you may have spoken poorly to, as this conversation may prove to be your downfall.

To dream that you are brushing your teeth is indicative of your poor self-image. You struggle with confidence and aggression. Until you resolve this, you will see little success.

Toothpicks  No comments yet

To dream about toothpicks indicates that you are being too choosy. It also means that you nitpick about minor matters.

To dream about using a toothpick represents how you contributed to a friend's disgrace.

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To dream of trays means unreasonable spending.

Trout  No comments yet

To dream of a trout means affluence and excess.

To dream that you are eating trout denotes your positive attitude towards life.

To dream that you caught a trout signifies happiness. If the fish falls back into the water, it means that it will be short-lived.

Truck Stop  No comments yet

To dream that you are at a truck stop denotes that you need to take your mind off things that are weighing you down. Take time for some rest and relaxation.

Vegetables  No comments yet

To dream of vegetables is an indication that you need to consider your spiritual or religious self. It may be more blunt as you need more nourishing foods in your diets.

To see vegetables that have withered or aged is an indication that you are sad.

Vitamins  No comments yet

To dream of taking or seeing vitamins symbolizes the weak nature of your self-control. You must strive to become stronger in your convictions. Conversely, vitamins may indicate that you have made some poor dietary decisions and your body is lacking in some important nutrients. Consider changing your diet to include more healthy food choices.

Yogurt  No comments yet

To dream of yogurt implies a need to learn appropriate behavior for the many circumstances and situations you encounter during your waking life.

Apples  1 commented on this dream

To see apples growing in a tree is an indication of great intelligence and wealth. You will achieve goals that you have worked hard to attain. Apples in your dream may also be a suggestion to look after your well-being so that you don't contract an illness or disease.

To dream that you are eating an apple implies that you are at peace and in accord with your present life situation. According to the Bible, eating an apple represents fantasies and sexual desires.

To see green apples symbolizes a relationship or friendship that will mature or will thrive.

To see rotten or eaten apples in your dream indicates that you are reaching for goals that are not satisfying and will not bring you pleasure. These goals may actually prove to be more destructive than not. It may also be an indication of your reckless attitude and behavior.